Is cardio the only way to go for weight loss or is there more to the story?

JC doing some light cardio by walking his dog

Since quarantines were instituted across the globe I’ve noticed more people are outside performing cardiovascular exercise. In this case, by cardiovascular exercise, I mean endurance exercise ranging from low to high intensity for a set time, distance, or interval(s). Predominantly, it seems like walking, jogging, and biking have been the most accessible from my view. […]

Should fiber be counted toward daily carb intake?

fibers foods

In short, not necessarily; but it’s a bit nuanced. In recent years fiber has been claimed as “zero calorie” and superflorous terms such as “net carbs” have been used as a marketing strategy geared towards the health/weight-conscious individual. As such, the desire for low carb anything has taken over the supplement and food industry. Most […]

How to Succeed at Dieting

meal prep

“WHAT’S THE BEST DIET?” An honest question in the search for a greater understanding of the body. However, the answer to the question tends to be less concrete. In order to truly answer this question, we have to dig deeper and begin by assessing how diets work in order to build a solid foundation. Throughout […]