Our clients

Stephen B., 31

Transportation Planner

I started working with Jake about a year ago after making a decision to put my health and fitness at the top of my personal priorities. I had been a working out for a couple years but and wasn’t going regularly, and when I did, I didn’t feel confident that I knew what I was doing. I wanted to make the most of my time and learn how to achieve the goals I set for myself, so I decided to try something new.

Jake took the time to help me set fitness goals and develop a realistic plan to achieve them. I set a goal to gain 15 pounds of muscle, focusing increasing strength and upper body mass gain. Over time we got to know each other a little better and built a solid working relationship based on trust, respect, and a consistent rhythm that worked for my busy lifestyle. I have come to respect and value his knowledge of fitness, strategy, and skill in regard to one-on-one coaching. Specifically, his flexible and “no-nonsense” approach to strength training, with an emphasis on diet and nutrition, as well as his belief in consistency and discipline.These are some of the most valuable principles I have taken away from my experience with him. I started off slow with two days a week. About 6 months in I got more serious about my diet and transitioned to a 4-day/week program. After a full year I have gained 15 pounds and increased strength, while keeping body fat relatively consistent. Thanks to working with Jake, I am now more comfortable and confident in the gym and feel like I’m on track to achieve my goals.

Jake knows his stuff, he really cares about his clients, and is an all-around good guy to work with. I recommend him without hesitation to anyone who wants to make health and fitness a priority in their life.

Erica C., 30

Inside Sales Representative

I went to Jake about a week before my wedding and he asked why I wanted to focus on my fitness after the wedding. I simply said,“because I didn’t want to work hard for one day and then look at pictures from that day convinced, I’ll never look like that again; I wanted to focus on a new me after.”Since day one, he’s tested my strength; not just physically, but mentally. It’s why I enjoy working with him; he puts the “I can, and I will” mentality in my head. It’s helped shape me not just in the gym, but outside whether it be in my marriage, friendships, or professional life.

He has pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I couldn’t be more appreciative for it.

Mark D., 42

Wholesale Insurance Broker

Oh WOW!  My friends and family have really noticed the transformation I’ve gone through!!

I just wanted to drop a line thanking Jake for all of his hard work and dedication he has poured into my training over the last year.  I joined the gym to stay in shape.  I really wasn’t looking for a trainer, but I really wanted to see results.  He assured me if I was committed, focused, and challenged myself that I would see the sweat equity.  I never thought I would be benching over 200 lbs. in my life and I did over 200 lbs. just the other week! My goals have been achieved and I have now pushed them even higher. I love how Jake tracks every single set, rep, and weight we log. The ability to track and see all my personal progress from all the strength training I’ve endured holds an immense value to me. Just being able to see the growth is extremely motivating!!  I believe utilizing the software APLYFT provides is ideal for tracking those results and is especially beneficial when traveling so I can remain committed to our training program. I always find it difficult to think of different exercises routines at a hotel gym, but since my program was easily accessible via an app, it makes it very easy to stay on track.

One last thing, Jake knows snowboarding is one of my passions.  All the time and dedication we put in at the gym made a recent trip so much more enjoyable.  My legs were much stronger, and I had so much more endurance which helped me tackle those runs for 3 straight days!

I sincerely appreciate everything he has done.

John H., 50

Speaker/Life Performance Coach

Jake has taken training to a new level for me.  His expertise and personalization have made a huge difference in my development last year, leading to more gains and helping me push past prior barriers. Jake’s engagement and encouragement are such positive motivators for my own growth, and his programming and constant feedback is fantastic.  Using APLYFT’s software while training with Jake leads to better results than paper forms or text exchanges.  I appreciate seeing my full schedule at a glance, and providing feedback to Jake within the app, especially when I am lifting during my non-coached days. Not only that, but I can see my performance and goals tracked daily on charts that are pre-generated. I highly recommend Jake given his expertise and proven results and using APLYFT has only improved the overall experience.

Sarah H., 29


I have worked with Jake over the past few years, in person and with his extremely helpful onlinecoaching. He has been consistent and helpful on providing workouts based specifically around my busyschedule. He makes my workouts adaptable and isalways able to change plans when I want to add in anew exercise or focus on a different aspect of training. Prior to working with Jake, I was working with another trainer but, I felt like I had plateauedbecause I wasn’t seeing results in a way that I thought I should be. And, as someone who valuesconsistency and does not always like change, I was hesitant to start working with him. However,after one session, I knew that Jake was going to be a good match for me. The program andindividual workouts he put together for me give a good variety, and the methods he uses are strong internal motivators for me to work harder even when we’re not training together. Perhaps most importantly, in only a few weeks I could tell that I was stronger, and I was actuallyseeing changes in my body.Beyond the training he has helped me get my nutrition under control in a way that other trainershadn’t. Because of my job, eating, let alone eating properly, is an enormous obstacle in mytraining. Once I told Jake this, instead oftrying to fix everything at once, like some, he gave mebaby steps to improve gradually.He’s available whenever I have questions andwill always provide encouragement when I’m struggling. His knowledge in nutrition,macro/micro intakeand personalized training has helped me reach my fitness goal in less time than I could have imagined!

Simply put, he’s a great trainer.

Jackie J., 34

Wholesale Insurance Broker

A year after having knee surgery to fix a complete rupture and disintegration of my ACL during a rodeo competition I was struggling, mentally, with working out. Even though I had beencleared by my doctor to get back to normal, I was extremely hesitant about everything. I was scared tolift any type of weight, do any type of jumping, or even do simple body weight squats. I was alwayssaying in my head ‘what if…’ I was basically restricting myself to an elliptical machine. I was talking to afriend about my struggle and he recommended that I meet with his personal trainer, Jake. After talking

to Jake about my concerns and my goals I knew I needed his help so I could get back on track!Just a few weeks of working out with Jake I could see a major difference in my confidence. While beingvery understanding of my hesitation Jake pushed me to trust my body and break through my mentalblock. He assured me when I needed it and corrected me where he saw fit. Jake is always detailed inexplaining the proper movement patterns, why we are doing something, and the benefits it will providefor me.After working out with Jake for almost a year now, he has proved to be passionate about helping hisclients and knowledgeable about what works best for each individual. When I work out with him, I cantell that the workout is programed for me, not just a generic workout. His programing has continuouslyshocked me with what I am capable of and continues to push me outside my comfort zone.Jake’s ability to not just program workouts but give nutrition guidance is extremely helpful as well. Hetakes the time to help me find a diet that works for me as an individual. He has helped me learn tobalance and make smart decisions, while not completely restricting my lifestyle.Another great thing about working out with Jake, I feel like I am working out with a friend not a trainer. He actually takes an interest in his clients on a personal level. I never feel like the time isdragging or that he’s just standing around simply watching me going through movements. He carries ona conversation while still making sure you are doing what you need to do and doing it right. It reallymakes the workouts more enjoyable.

Jake’s programing for me has been extremely productive and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Heis helping me to be a stronger, healthier, more confident version of myself.

He is by far the best trainer Ihave ever worked with.

Rafik, 34


I’ve worked with a number of personal trainers over the years and while they all professed to have the expertise to be in their position and promised results, none have backed it the way Jake has. When he explained the machinations of the process and the kind of realistic goals we could hope to achieve, I immediately suspected, from the depth and specifics of his introductory questions, that he wasn’t aiming to skim the surface with a superficial “one size fits all” training regimen.  The results so far have pleasantly affirmed that.  During the first few cycles we’ve worked together; I’ve managed to shed close to 20 lbs. of weight while gaining overall strength and lean mass.  He set me up on a regimented diet with specific macronutrient targets to hit every week coupled with an evolving weight training and conditioning program.  Jake obsesses over numbers and data points.  By drilling down all possible variables, he allows me to eliminate as much guesswork and uncertainty to my training as possible.  This obviously required some degree of motivation and dedication on my part but knowing that he’s holding me accountable helps fuel that desirebecause neither one of us wants to waste each other’s time. It doesn’t feel like a generic training regimen, but regardless of how he formulates things, it ultimately allows me to train without stressing over the process or worrying about whether I’m doing things right, wrong, or whether I’m wasting my time.

The fact that he not only backs his work up with his clients’ own data points, but also gives evidence-based answers to questions is reassuring. This allows me to focus my mental energy on my own job and life outside the gym, leaving the rest to him.

Dominick L., 27

ER Registered Nurse

About 4 months ago I decided to make a change in my health, and kickstart that change byworking with a personal fitness coach. The experience and value I have received has been far beyondwhat I ever could have imagined. I have tried and failed so many times, but this is now the longestand most consistently I have ever worked out in my life.I have become the most conscious and aware of whatI consume than I have ever been and the strongest I have ever felt in both body and mind. Jakeprograms all my workouts specifically targeting my goals, the parts of my body I want toimprove, and has gradually educated me and implemented macronutrient (protein, carbohydrates, fat) tracking into myprogramming to help me reach those goals. Everything is personalized and tailored to me.Jake is literally a fountain of knowledge and truly an expert in his field. This man readsresearch articles and papers for FUN, but it’s because he’s always wanting to keep up to dateon the best practices and newest information to guide his work for clients like me, not becausehe’s a sociopath. I think. All kidding aside, he encourages me and makes me laugh every session, and I’mincredibly grateful for all the hard work he has put in to helping me succeed. If I ever have aproblem, Jake helps me identify solutions. If I’m feeling down, Jake lifts me up (notliterally, buthe could.; dude is STRONG). With his help I have lost 6% body fat, more thanan inch and a half offmy waist, I can lift heavier than I’ve ever been able to, and I’monly just beginning this journey.Thank you, Jake, for not letting me give up. You take pride in what you do, and it really shows! I’m veryexcited to continue growing. Can’t recommend this man enough!

Olivia M., 20

Full Time Student/Hostess

Looking back at my first few sessions training with Jake, I was surprised with the amount of progress I was able to make in a relatively short amount of time. At the time, I had been working out consistently by myself but had hit a sort of plateau and was becoming a little discouraged. Once I started my training sessions, I could tell that my strength was progressing much faster than it had been previously, and I was able to lift heavier and heavier each week. I noticed my physique leaning out, and I was consistently gaining muscle mass. For me, having someone around who I could trust with my fitness goals made me exponentially more comfortable in the gym. It also gave me peace of mind that I could pursue my goals without having to worry about my own programming, which can be incredibly time consuming. Not only am I more confident in my abilities at the gym, but I know I can count on Jake to continue to push me to be better and achieve things that I never thought I would actually be able to accomplish.

Debbie M., 53

A year ago, in May 2018, I started my journey with Jake. Never in my life would I have would have thought or considered signing up with a coach.However, I did, and it was the best decision I could have done for myself ever!In the past 18 months, I have changed my life for the better. My self-esteem has increased. I am more motivated now than I’ve ever been. Jake’s knowledge has made my transformationthat much easier. I am 53 now and I am healthier and happier than I’ve ever been in my life!I can’t wait to see what the next year is going to bring me!

Duane T., 35

Business Owner

Less than three months ago I stepped into a gym for the first time in my life. I wanted to get in shape and feel good in my own skin but after a few weeks of fumbling through their facility I felt somewhat defeated. So, I decided to hire Jake. When we first spoke, Jake asked me some questions regarding my goals and I soon committed. I quickly started seeing results. To further my growth, Jake introduced me to an app he uses to administer his programming called APLYFT. The app he uses allows him to efficiently program for me and allows me to input my lifting numbers directly to him in order to enhance the quality of coaching I am receiving. Within two short months I have gained 25 lbs. and reduced my body fat percentage by 2.5%. I can confidently say that I look and feel better than I have in my life.

I can’t say enough about Jake. He is a passionate coach that seems to truly love his job and care for the well-being of his clients. Oftentimes he will message me out of the blue just to check how I’m doing. He encourages me to maintain balance in order to sustain this new lifestyle and I appreciate that. His knowledge is incredible, and he doesn’t hesitate to answer my questions. This is very important to me because there is so much conflicting information on the internet. Let me say this- if you are considering a coach, give Jake a call. You will not be disappointed.

My workouts, weight, nutrition and progress are now being tracked at every trip to the gym. Jake monitors my progress and makes adjustments accordingly.

I am truly amazed at the progress I have made in such a short period of time. I highly recommend Jake to anyone who asks!

Vadoll S., 29

Retired Military

During my time spent with Jake training me, I was extremely satisfied. I never thought of getting a trainer but when I was introduced to Jake and we went over different ways to help me achieve my goals I decided to give it a try. When I first started, I was experiencing problems reaching my goals and maintaining them. That quickly changed, I became stronger, I gained confidence in doing exercises that I would normally skip, and now I go to the gym and feel more confident than ever. Not only was Jake constantly motivating and pushing me towards my goals throughout my workouts, he gave me advice about whatever I was going through outside of the gym because he truly cares about you as a person.

Overall, I gained 15 pounds of muscle and a friend.

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